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SilaVetra Cruiser Racing Ratings for 2021

The TCC shown in the list below is calculated with the rated sail plan, which may or may not include a downwind headsail (spinnaker). Boats that are rated with a downwind headsail also have a no-spinnaker TCC shown on their certificate, for use only when racing in a no-spinnaker class.

Click on a yacht name to view the certificate.

Please ensure that measurements are as accurate and complete as possible, with the number of estimates reduced to a minimum.

Yacht Design 2021 TCC no spin Issued
AmarieJeanneau Sun Loft 47-0.87404 Oct
AmrothJeanneau Sun Loft 47-0.87404 Oct
AralicaJeanneau Sun Odyssey 449--04 Oct
AsinaraDufour 412 GL--04 Oct
BalavoineDufour 350 GL-0.84404 Oct
CoetivyBeneteau Oceanis 48-0.94904 Oct
La VestaleBavaria 56-1.00204 Oct
Lady BugBeneteau Oceanis 48-0.94604 Oct
LosinjDufour 520-0.91704 Oct
MalakeJeanneau Sun Odyssey 519--04 Oct
MeritElan 45-0.93604 Oct
MessianenJeanneau Sun Odyssey 519-0.96504 Oct
PyroleJeanneau Sun Loft 47-0.87704 Oct
RavelJeanneau Sun Odyssey 449-0.92304 Oct
AnassaBavaria 56-0.97313 Sep
FerousaBeneteau Oceanis 48-1.01213 Sep
KatrineBavaria Cruiser 46-1.03113 Sep
LinaBavaria Cruiser 46--13 Sep
One PieceBeneteau Oceanis 51.1-0.92313 Sep
OstriaBeneteau Oceanis 46.1-1.01313 Sep
PhiloctetesBavaria Cruiser 51-1.00813 Sep
PromiseJeanneau Sun Odyssey 509-1.02813 Sep
AesthesisBavaria 46-0.92524 May
AliceBavaria 51-1.02024 May
AllegriaBeneteau Oceanis 45-0.98624 May
Alma Libre IIIBavaria 51-0.97124 May
AposperitisJeanneau Sun Odyssey 509-0.97424 May
ArtdrenalinJeanneau Sun Odyssey 479-0.90324 May
AtmanBeneteau Oceanis 51.1-0.97424 May
AtokosBavaria 45 Cruiser-0.97124 May
BoleroBeneteau Oceanis 51.1--24 May
ElizabethDufour 460-0.88724 May
Enjoyablue 1Beneteau Oceanis 46.1-0.92824 May
EsmereldaDufour 460--24 May
Funcky OneJeanneau Sun Odyssey 440--24 May
GeorgioBeneteau Oceanis 51.1--24 May
JoanneDufour 460-0.91724 May
JuniperBavaria 50-0.93724 May
Lady Flora 2Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490-0.96224 May
MelodyJeanneau Sun Odyssey 449-0.92625 May
OrestesBeneteau Oceanis 48-0.96424 May
PhorkysBeneteau Oceanis 46.1-0.96524 May
QuintessaBavaria 41-0.91224 May
The BossBeneteau Oceanis 38.1-0.91024 May
TheodoraBeneteau Oceanis 51.1-1.00725 May
ThetisElan 45i-0.95324 May
VixenBeneteau Oceanis 51.1-0.93024 May
VegaJeanneau Sun Odyssey 479-0.89624 May
WonderlastBavaria Cruiser 46-0.92924 May

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