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Royal Southern Yacht Club 2021 rating certificates

The TCC shown in the list below is calculated with the rated sail plan, which may or may not include a downwind headsail (spinnaker). Boats that are rated with a downwind headsail also have a no-spinnaker TCC shown on their certificate, for use only when racing in a no-spinnaker class.

Click on a yacht name to view the certificate.

Please ensure that measurements are as accurate and complete as possible, with the number of estimates reduced to a minimum.

Yacht Design 2021 TCC no spin Issued
AlexisX 4-3-1.01914 Mar
AttabuoyRS210.9450.87616 Apr
AYAYADehler 441.0991.05422 Mar
CarinosaContessa 320.8490.80118 Jan
CockleshellBarber 21 Classic0.7820.76409 Jun
DidoSpirit 46 Classic1.0401.00322 Mar
Dino VolanteSigma 33 OOD0.9210.89812 May
FizzMaxi 10000.9120.87826 Mar
GR8 BanterMustang 30 Mk 20.9330.90818 May
HooliganTrapper 9500.9360.90712 Jun
Hot RatsBeneteau First 350.9980.95030 Mar
ImperatorHustler SJ350.9380.90317 Apr
JacanaJ 1051.0200.96111 Aug
JahmaliJ 1221.0801.02523 Feb
JoopedJ 112E1.0390.97903 Jun
Just IsJ 950.9560.88917 Sep
KymtooBeneteau Oceanis 39.30.9650.92024 Jan
Lady PenroseSigma 3620.9390.89704 Mar
MagicElan 401.0320.98210 Sep
ManzanoHanse 3880.9750.93005 Aug
MinXXp 441.1051.06422 Mar
MoonshineDehler 381.0000.95515 Jan
Powder MonkeyJ 70 OD0.9570.89003 May
Pure AttitudeX 371.0180.98513 May
Purrfect TaleHanse 348-0.91305 Jul
Quailo IIINicholson 551.0791.05213 Sep
Red FiveXp 381.0541.00922 Mar
RiotIntro 220.8020.77406 May
Sabriel JRJ 881.0180.96308 Apr
SimplesXp 441.1181.06022 Mar
StormcloudDufour 361.0090.96715 Jan
TeelaContessa 320.8790.84521 Mar
VellamoGrand Soleil 340.9920.93904 Mar
XandtHunter Sonata OD0.8160.80125 Jun
XarifaX 3420.9510.92007 Sep
XoXoX 4-31.0491.02525 Jan
XtractX 3020.9130.88418 Jan

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