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Royal Solent Yacht Club 2022 rating certificates

The TCC shown in the list below is calculated with the rated sail plan, which may or may not include a downwind headsail (spinnaker). Boats that are rated with a downwind headsail also have a no-spinnaker TCC shown on their certificate.

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If you haven't done so already, please get in touch so we can finalise your measurement data.

Yacht Design 2022 TCC no spin Issued
AlboranContessa 260.7630.74010 Mar
Blue DolphinTripp 300.7780.76210 Feb
Bossa NovaNordic Folkboat0.7780.75720 Mar
ChampasakDufour 32 Classic0.9230.88317 Feb
Cloudy BayContessa 280.8470.80407 Mar
MacariaTwister-.----.----- ---
Merak IIContessa 320.8620.82110 Mar
Moon of YarElan 333-.----.----- ---
Overture IIWesterley Fulmar0.8760.84219 May
PandoreTwister-.----.----- ---
PuritanLaurent Giles 380.8770.82907 Mar
Samantha ClareContessa 280.8450.80610 Feb
SeahorseContessa 260.7680.72910 Mar
SkysmokeHustler 30-.----.----- ---
Thursday's ChildSadler 340.9070.88609 Mar
ToledoContessa 280.8230.77815 Feb
Walk On ByReflex 381.0200.98020 May
WhisperContessa 260.7550.70813 Jun
ZadoraNicholson 260.7600.73616 Feb
ZinganaDee 27-.----.----- ---

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