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PYRA 2023 rating certificates

The TCC shown in the list below is calculated with the rated sail plan, which may or may not include a downwind headsail (spinnaker). Boats that are rated with a downwind headsail also have a no-spinnaker TCC shown on their certificate, for use only when racing in a no-spinnaker class.

Click on a yacht name to view the certificate.

Please ensure that measurements are as accurate and complete as possible, with the number of estimates reduced to a minimum.

Yacht Design 2023 TCC Issued
AddictionBeneteau First 40.71.05014 Mar
AeolianHunter Sonata0.81522 Mar
Aishling AmarachParker 2750.85913 Apr
AmaziraJeanneau SO 350.88225 Jan
AmethystElan 401.02604 Jun
AtheneMG C270.88328 Mar
Binkie IIContessa 320.86213 Apr
CaraElan 3330.95519 Apr
CeresDehler 36CWS0.89021 Mar
CharmBeneteau First 2110.83404 Apr
DeityDehler 36SQ0.98317 Feb
DestinyMaxi 11000.96118 Jan
ElevationDehler 36SQ0.99619 Mar
EnergyElan 3330.95720 Mar
Esprit 3Elan 3330.97431 May
FreebirdBeneteau First 33.70.95021 Mar
Free Spirit 2Scanmar 330.91613 Feb
Genesis GBR6216YQuartet0.82904 Mar
Genesis K149TMG Spring 250.85001 May
Hope & GloryHumphreys 50 Custom1.11122 Mar
JoyJPK 10100.99821 Mar
KairosBavaria 370.93614 Mar
KororaElan 3330.95728 Apr
Lazy SoleSaffier 33 UD0.97303 Jul
MinstralMG C270.85304 Mar
Miss UnderstoodBavaria 32 Cruiser0.88818 Mar
MojitoMG C270.86421 Mar
MomentMoody 360.89120 Jan
Moon ShadowBeneteau First 27.70.93823 Mar
NyalaHunter Impala 280.88107 May
OmegaParker 270.83107 May
One & OnlyHunter Legend 3360.93212 Jul
OrinocoSeamaster 9250.77202 May
Parallel UniverseImpala 280.88410 Jan
PetasusElan 370.99821 Apr
PiccoloBeneteau First 21.70.82417 Mar
Pied PiperParker 270.84723 Jan
QTEcume de Mer0.83414 Jan
Rackham Le RougeMini 6.50 - Ginto0.97514 Mar
SaskaBeneteau First 31.70.94112 Feb
Saucy NancyBeneteau First 31.70.95001 Apr
Sea JemRoscoe 33 Custom0.91817 Mar
Sea ThistleJeanneau SO 32.20.89418 Jan
ShebeenAlbin Ballad0.86217 Mar
Spring TiedMG Spring 250.83915 Jul
Spruce GooseJeanneau SO 3490.91524 Jan
The Grey SilkieHallberg Rassy 4120.99009 Feb
TigerlilyMG C270.88010 Mar
TricanContessa 320.87812 Apr
Vent des GlobesFigaro II1.04225 Jan
Vento NovoDehler 290.92620 Mar
VolanteElan 2950.91904 Mar
WhooshDehler 29 (shoal draught)0.88714 Feb
WindhoverSadler 290.80926 Apr
YaplukaRM 10701.01205 May
Zorra3Archambault A310.97123 Jan
Zorra4Beneteau First 34.70.96804 Aug

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