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SilaVetra Cruiser Racing 2018 Archive Certificates

Archive certificates below are provided for information; they are not valid for racing.

Click on a yacht name to view the certificate.

Yacht Design 2018 TCC Issued
AmerigoJeanneau Sun Odyssey 4390.93524 Sep
BellaBeneteau Oceanis 450.96524 Sep
BluesBeneteau Oceanis 480.92228 Sep
CancanBeneteau Oceanis 450.96028 Sep
FerdinandJeanneau Sun Odyssey 4390.93524 Sep
FlamencoBeneteau Oceanis 450.95824 Sep
FoxtrotBeneteau Oceanis 450.95024 Sep
FrancisJeanneau Sun Odyssey 4390.93524 Sep
JamesJeanneau Sun Odyssey 4390.93524 Sep
JazzBeneteau Oceanis 480.93124 Sep
KekeJeanneau Sun Odyssey 4390.93424 Sep
KorculaBeneteau Oceanis 480.95524 Sep
Mambo 1Beneteau Oceanis 450.95024 Sep
RebekkaElan 4340.91924 Sep
SambaBeneteau Oceanis 450.94524 Sep
TangoBeneteau Oceanis 450.93524 Sep
TwistBeneteau Oceanis 450.96624 Sep
Victoria of SwedenJeanneau Sun Odyssey 4390.93625 Sep

AidaBeneteau Oceanis 450.96103 May
AlegriaCyclades 50.50.94728 Apr
AlexandraJeanneau Sun Odyssey 4690.92303 May
BlondiDufour 430.95103 May
ButterflyBavaria 480.96428 Apr
DaedalusBeneteau Oceanis 450.96203 May
EfkrasiaBavaria 50CR0.96528 Apr
EliseBavaria CR450.91928 Apr
FairyCyclades 50.50.91528 Apr
FantaseaBeneteau Oceanis 430.92528 Apr
GalaxyCyclades 50.50.93603 May
InvictusBavaria 480.96428 Apr
Lady Kiki IICyclades 50.50.92603 May
LeonidasBavaria 50CR0.96528 Apr
Little SecretBavaria 550.99028 Apr
MargaritaBavaria CR460.92028 Apr
No NameElan 45i0.94228 Apr
OdysseasBavaria 50CR0.95403 May
ParaibaCyclades 50.50.94728 Apr
PassionOcean Star 56.10.91228 Apr
PerseasBavaria 50CR0.93803 May
PromiseJeanneau Sun Odyssey 5090.98528 Apr
PromiseBeneteau Oceanis 500.91328 Apr
RenaissanceBavaria CR450.92403 May
RozerinaBavaria CR460.91203 May
Sea MelodyBavaria CR450.91928 Apr
Sea WalksCyclades 50.50.94003 May
SmileBavaria 50CR0.96528 Apr
SofiaBavaria CR460.95028 Apr
Sweet AlohaBeneteau First 40.71.04528 Apr
SwellHanse 4550.93603 May
TomazinJeanneau Sun Odyssey 44i0.90203 May
VeronicaBavaria CR460.95028 Apr

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