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SilaVetra Cruiser Racing Ratings for 2017. Click on a yacht name to view the certificate.

Please ensure that measurements are as accurate and complete as possible, with the number of estimates reduced to a minimum. Ratings in parentheses are for yachts without a spinnaker for use when racing in a no-spinnaker fleet; ratings suitable for these yachts when racing in a mixed (spinnaker & no-spinnaker) fleet appear on the certificate.

Yacht Design 2017 TCC Issued
AfroditeJeanneau Sun Odyssey 43(0.923)09 Oct
AladarBavaria 50(0.977)09 Oct
AsiaDufour 460(0.896)09 Oct
AzzuraJeanneau Sun Odyssey 4791.02508 Oct
BiancaJeanneau Sun Odyssey 519(0.978)08 Oct
Bimba MattaBavaria 45 Cruiser(0.945)09 Oct
CalipsoBeneteau Oceanis 50(0.945)09 Oct
CloeBavaria 45 Cruiser1.04009 Oct
FrancescaBavaria 46(0.948)09 Oct
GaiaBeneteau Oceanis 45(0.955)09 Oct
HadrielBavaria 49(0.986)09 Oct
IdraJeanneau Sun Odyssey 4690.99909 Oct
JackElan 4341.00809 Oct
Luna PienaBeneteau Oceanis 45(0.936)09 Oct
MamaJeanneau Sun Odyssey 449(0.930)09 Oct
Mopepe IIJeanneau Sun Odyssey 469(0.924)09 Oct
OrchideaBeneteau Oceanis 48(0.964)09 Oct
Sweet AlohaBeneteau First 40.71.04609 Oct
TaliaHanse 415(0.910)09 Oct
TiresiaBavaria 45 Cruiser(0.947)09 Oct
YakaraJeanneau Sun Odyssey 449(0.929)09 Oct
ZoeBeneteau Oceanis 461.02708 Oct

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