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Royal Western Yacht Club 2022 Rating Certificates

Archive certificates below are provided for information; they are not valid for racing.

Yacht Design 2022 TCC Issued
AegirElan 3400.97521 Apr
Bertie of TamarBavaria 440.94922 Apr
Emma ClaireGrand Soleil 501.06821 Feb
Fire Fox (full crew)RedFox 2900.89829 Apr
Fire Fox (short handed)RedFox 2900.88129 Apr
HiJinksJ 24 OD0.89407 Apr
Italian JobJ 24 OD0.89401 Mar
Manu (full crew)Archambault A351.01607 Mar
Manu (short handed)Archambault A351.01508 Mar
Men Behaving BadlyArchambault A351.02029 Jun
MoonshineBavaria 38 CR0.92019 Apr
OceanaireGrand Soleil 46.31.03015 Mar
Spirit of AmportContessa 320.87718 Jan
SweetMysteryBeneteau Oceanis 3310.87828 Apr
ValkyrieUdell 22 square metre0.91919 Apr
WatermarkBeneteau First 33.70.95408 Apr

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