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PYRA Yacht Ratings for 2017. Click on a yacht name to view the certificate.

Please ensure that measurements are as accurate and complete as possible, with the number of estimates reduced to a minimum. Ratings in parentheses are for yachts without a spinnaker for use when racing in a no-spinnaker fleet; ratings suitable for these yachts when racing in a mixed (spinnaker & no-spinnaker) fleet appear on the certificate. Some ratings are specific to PYRA; this indicated after the boat name.

Yacht Design 2017 TCC Issued
AmethystElan 401.04820 Mar
AmigosArchambault A351.01312 Apr
AtheneMG C270.88809 Jun
Blue eXtasyX 4121.00418 Mar
Blue JayJ 1091.01418 Mar
BluesSigma 33 OD0.92127 Feb
CeresDehler 36CWS(0.848)18 Mar
Deep BlueJeanneau Sun Odyssey 40 DS0.98410 May
Deity (PYRA)Dehler 36SQ0.99226 Feb
DequilaRival 410.92424 Apr
DestinyMaxi 11000.95421 Sep
Dream OnFoxterrier 220.80426 Feb
ElanorElan 310.93224 May
ElevationElan 3330.96121 Sep
Elfin (PYRA)Splinter0.76130 Jun
EscapadeElan 3330.96418 Mar
EspritElan 4101.06527 Jun
FirebirdHunter Impala 280.88611 Apr
Firebird of ArneBeneteau First 380.96015 Apr
FirestarterBavaria 35 Match0.98709 Apr
FizzzHanse 3200.91411 Apr
Flair VElan 4101.06708 May
'Fraid S'eauBeneteau 2850.86326 Feb
GenesisQuartet0.82924 May
Good KrackWesterly GK290.88430 Apr
Hope & GloryHumphreys 50 Custom1.11723 Mar
It's Now or NeverBeneteau First 2600.88526 May
JabulaniWesterly J 240.88718 Mar
KudosElan 310.92819 Apr
Maris OtterHunter Legend 35.50.89218 Mar
Matchmaker IIContention 330.91805 Apr
MeeniaJeanneau Sun Odyssey 34.20.94027 Apr
MintakaDufour 340.98523 May
MojitoMG C270.89016 Jun
NelliroseBeneteau 3310.88526 Apr
PanacheElan 3330.97721 Aug
Parallel UniverseImpala 280.88604 Aug
Pied PiperParker 270.84826 Mar
Pink PantherAchilles 7m0.83012 Apr
PistrausFigaro Solo0.96010 Apr
PlutoElan 3330.96721 Mar
Poole Sailing AddictionBeneteau First 40.71.06023 Mar
Poole Sailing EnergyElan 3330.97708 Sep
Quadrophenia (PYRA)Albin Nova0.91126 Feb
Running WildMoody 346(0.786)12 Apr
Samphire of ChiContessa 280.79408 May
SeashellGibsea 2420.83724 Apr
Shed of ArjunaPogo 20.98419 Apr
ShebeenAlbin Ballad0.86818 Mar
SkykomishElizabethan 290.79226 Feb
SolmateBavaria 3500.91213 Jul
Spruce GooseJeanneau SO 3490.93628 Apr
TernarySadler 320.83518 Mar
The Grey SilkieHallberg Rassy 4120.99526 Feb
ViragoMG 3350.91518 Mar
WaimanuElan 3330.97713 Jul
Wiched WychSun Odyssey 36i0.97409 Jun
Wild RivalRival 340.84712 Jun
Zorra3Archambault A310.98227 Feb

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