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Poole Regatta 2018
Poole Regatta 2018

New entrants to the Poole Regatta are entitled to an event-only VPRS rating, free of charge.

After entering the Regatta – via the Regatta web site – you may apply for a VPRS rating, following the instructions on the apply page.

Note that we already have some 350 boat types in the our database, as listed on the rated yachts page. If your boat appears on this list you need only provide sail data, along with your details and boat identification data when you apply.

Full guidance on measurement data is given on the Measurements page.

When you are ready to the Rating Office, stating in your covering email that you are applying for a Regatta Certificate. Full contact details for the office are given here.

Certificates will be published online before the start of the Regatta, on the Regatta Ratings page.

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