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Parkstone Yacht Club 2018 Archive Certificates

Archive certificates below are provided for information; they are not valid for racing.

Click on a yacht name to view the certificate.

Yacht Design 2018 TCC Issued
ArkadinaSuper Seal 260.87718 Aug
AzanteAnderson 220.71726 Jan
Binkie IIContessa 320.86724 Apr
BlewJeanneau Sun 25000.83806 Apr
DestinyMaxi 11000.96526 Jan
EnigmaMG 3460.94819 Mar
EspritElan 4101.06110 Jun
EvangelineSuper Seal 260.86703 Mar
FirebirdHunter Impala 280.88602 Apr
GenesisMG Spring 250.83220 May
It's Now or NeverBeneteau First 2600.88526 Jan
JoyJPK 10100.99824 Jul
Matchmaker IIContention 330.91826 Jan
Northern Dancer1/2 Ton Farr0.89326 Jan
PamperoFuria 3320.94402 May
Patriot GamesImpala 280.89226 Jan
Perfectly FineWesterly Ocean 330.82306 Jun
Piccolo GBR8305NHunter Sonata0.81026 Jan
Pied PiperParker 270.84803 Mar
QTEcume de Mer0.83620 May
RecoilMG Spring 250.83517 Apr
SelinaParker 270.85811 May
Shed of ArjunaPogo 20.98414 Apr
Tom TitBeneteau First 31.70.94811 Apr
TricanContessa 320.87818 Apr
Wiched WychSun Odyssey 36i0.96619 Apr
Zorra3Archambault A310.97710 Apr

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