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Hardway Sailing Club Yacht Ratings for 2016. Click on a yacht name to view the certificate.

The 2016 rating certificates below are provided for information; they are not valid for racing.

Ratings in parentheses are for yachts without a spinnaker for use when racing in a no-spinnaker fleet; ratings suitable for these yachts when racing in a mixed (spinnaker & no-spinnaker) fleet appear on the certificate.

Yacht Design 2016 TCC Issued
AchatesAchilles 240.83027 Apr
AssassinPrima 381.0542 May
BoomerangQuartet0.80823 May
Cloud 9H Boat0.86207 Apr
CobwebHunter Sonata OD0.81112 Apr
Blue SharkContessa 320.86726 Apr
Free SpiritJeanneau Sun Fast 200.82907 Apr
IntrospectreIntro 220.8042 Jul
JampotWesterly GK 290.89022 Apr
Jolly RogerHunter Ranger 2650.73415 Apr
Kerry JeaneSigma 330.91626 Apr
LarissaBavaria 360.90704 May
MoonshineHunter Sonata OD0.81111 Apr
PappatachiIntro 220.81819 Aug
Pink LimeQuartet0.84124 Mar
SamhradhSadler 320.82411 Apr

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